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  • All goods are delivered in Lithuania within 1 to 10 working days, but the delivery can be arranged individually with the customer or at the office in Medelyno g. 4, Jūrė, Kazlų Rūda.
  • Delivery prices are available after selecting the goods in the shopping cart (after taking into account the dimensions and weight of the package).
  • The size of the load is divided into several types - up to 3 metres in length and up to 1000 kg, up to 6 metres in length and up to 2500 kg, up to 12 tonnes (with crane).
  • Small goods will be delivered to you by parcel courier, which will keep our delivery costs to a minimum.
  • Unloading a load of 1000-2500 kg will require the help of one person. If you are unable to help with unloading, please call +37069841815, or email us at info@kirvile.lt, and we will negotiate the delivery and unloading conditions that are right for you.
  • Over 2500 kg, a crane unloads the load from the car.
  • The car crane is 4-5 metres long and the goods will be unloaded from the carriageway or at the entrance to the site if the site is accessible for parking and unloading. Unloading through walls, fences or other objects will only be possible at the discretion of the delivery driver. Otherwise, the load will be unloaded at the carriageway.
  • Delivery time is calculated from receipt of your payment.
  • You will be notified of the delivery one day before the delivery (by email or SMS).
  • If the delivery time is not convenient and you wish to receive the goods earlier, please call +37069841815 , or write to us by email: : info@kirvile.lt. The possibility of urgent delivery is negotiated individually with the customer. Individual rates also apply for express delivery.
  • If the goods will be received by a person other than the direct customer, please inform us in advance, stating the name and telephone number of the person. Please contact us at +37069841815 , or send us an email: info@kirvile.lt
  • It is preferable that the person has proof of booking.
  • Kirvilė Ltd. is not responsible for delivery if the goods cannot be delivered due to bad access, traffic restrictions or if the customer has not prepared a place to unload the goods.
  • Upon acceptance of the goods, the customer (or his representative) signs the delivery note proving that the goods have been delivered to the consignee.
  • If any damage to the goods or packaging is noticed during unloading, the consignee shall be obliged to record his observations on the bill of lading. Failure to do so shall not render Kirvilė UAB liable for any damage to the goods, which is not in itself a manufacturing defect.
  • At the time of unloading, the customer (or his representative) shall check the composition of the goods. If the assembly is not in accordance with the order, the customer must note this on the bill of lading. Failure to do so shall not be the responsibility of UAB Kirvilė for any discrepancy in the assembly.
  • After signing the bill of lading, the customer may, within 7 days, make claims for manufacturing defects which could only have been detected by disassembling the product packaging.

Our team never turns away from a problem. And if you remain unsatisfied with our shop service, please let us know. We will try to resolve all problems in the shortest possible time. Therefore, if you have any questions about the quality of the product and delivery, please inform us at info@kirvile.lt