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About us

The company specialises in woodworking, exterior and interior planed and painted finishes, plywood, furniture components.

Our values are flexibility, discipline and goodwill in fulfilling our customers' wishes and requirements, as well as professional customer service.

Founded in 1997, since its foundation, UAB "Kirvilė" has been selecting only the best quality wood, the best production technology and other production raw materials, and has been upholding the company's values, which allows us to ensure quality for our customers and partners. We always provide informative answers and are happy to give advice to those who choose our products. This allows us to develop together with you. We nurture our customer relationships and provide the best products and service from start to finish.

We provide the following services:

  • Woodworking services

  • Individual production orders

  • Wood impregnation and painting

  • Wood drying service

  • Production of structural timber

  • Production of both interior and exterior finishes

  • We deliver furniture parts and glue-joint panels