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Cookies and their use

We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small file consisting of letters and digits that is stored in your browser or on a hard drive on your computer. Different cookies are used for different purposes. Cookies also helps us differentiate you from other website users, thus providing a more enjoyable experience with the use of the website and allows us to improve the website.

You can disable cookies at any time in your browser and remove any cookies stored on your computer. To learn how to do this in your browser, open the Help section of the toolbar or visit In order for you to use the Internet site for personalized functionality, your computer, tablet, or smartphone must allow cookies, as we can provide specific personalized website options with the help of cookies.

Additional information about cookies

Our website uses cookies for the following purposes:

  •  To remember your selected language and country information on the website;
  • To distinguish website users;
  • To ensure the protection of the consumers;
  • To ensure the functioning of the main functions of the website;
  • To remember your previous visit to the website;
  • To control the number of requests for a website;

We do not use cookies or other tracking technology to collect information from your computer or store it on your computer or other device that you visit on the Website or follow your online activities when you are not on our Website.

Our Website also uses some third-party tools, such as: Google Analytics, YouTube, Google Maps, Facebook, and these third parties can also use cookies through our website.

A list of all cookies used on our website. Please note that:

  •  Some cookies are set by our website (first-party cookies) and some by other websites such as Google and Facebook (third-party cookies);
  •  Some cookies are deleted from your computer after you close the browser. They are called connection session cookies. The rest cookies stay on your computer longer, until they expire. They are called steady cookies and can be used to store information between browsing sessions on the Internet, for example, selected website preferences or items that you have added to the cart during the last visit.

List of cookies we use on our website

Types of cookies:

  •  Connection session cookies set for the period of browsing website and are stored until web browser is closed;
  • Permanent cookies are stored and set up on a user's computer for a certain period of time and are used when repeatedly accessing the website;
  • Third-party cookies set up to provide content for other websites;
  • First-party cookies.
Cookie name Purpose Duration of storage
_gat Google Analytics cookies for website. Used to control the number of requests made on a website. Cookies are stored for 10 minutes
_ga Google Analytics cookies for website. Used to distinguish Internet users. Cookies are stored for 2 years.
_gid Google Analytics cookies for website. Used to distinguish Internet users. Cookies are stored for browsing session.
pll_language This cookie is to remember the last language visited. Cookies are stored 10 months.